Release Notes


While all the source code is published on GitHub, the releases of packages on is limited to the initial versions of a major release. Later maintenance releases are only published on

This information is also available as in the corresponding branch of the Bareos GitHub project

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and since Bareos version 20 this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

20.0.1 - 2021-03-02


  • fix parallel python plugin jobs PR #732
  • fix oVirt plugin problem with config file PR #732
  • fix crash when loading both python-fd and python3-fd plugins PR #733
  • Issue #1316: storage daemon loses a configured device instance PR #734
  • fix python-bareos for Python < 2.7.13 PR #753


  • py2lug-fd-ovirt systemtest: use ovirt-plugin.ini config file PR #732
  • Build the package bareos-filedaemon-postgresql-python-plugin also for Debian, Ubuntu and UCS (deb packages) PR #745.
  • informative debugmessage when a dynamic backend cannot be loaded PR #746


20.0.0 - 2020-12-16


  • Fix memory corruption in storage daemon PR #616
  • Issue #1039: Can not login in webui PR #591
  • Improve the behaviour of some console commands PR #604
  • Several improvements to the LDAP Plugin for filedaemon PR #595
  • Avoid duplicate actions after submission of an action followed by a page refresh in the webui PR #594
  • Fix several droplet timeout problems to enable connection retries PR #561
  • Close connection pool sockets properly (client initiated connections) PR #562
  • Check user ACL for status configuration PR #570
  • Allow backup/restore of cephfs mounts PR #554
  • Fix percona xtrabackup get last_lsn value PR #551
  • Prevent director daemon crash by adding a nullptr-guard to CreateAttributesRecord() PR #566
  • Enable testing of deprecated databases (MySQL and SQLite) PR #573
  • Fix heartbeat thread shutdown race condition PR #565
  • Fix build problems for several distributions PR #569
  • Prevent from unique key violations on .bvfs_update PR #545
  • Fix “make install” and add “make uninstall” when building from source PR #556
  • Issue #1257: Prune volume command may crash the director PR #546
  • Remove compiler warnings PR #543
  • python-plugins: improve statp handling in localfileset plugin PR #530
  • Fix some issues in the tray-monitor configuration PR #539
  • Avoid a memory double-free in a spool function of the storage daemon PR #535
  • Issue #1246: oVirt plugin fails to restore to local disk with KeyError PR #534
  • Huge source code cleanup to reduce compiler warnings and increase readability PR #479
  • Fix bscan handling of restore object data PR #516
  • Adapt Python Bareos version number according to PEP-440 PR #521
  • Fixed JobDetails joblog messages order PR #509
  • Huge source code cleanup of storagedaemon Device backend PR #498
  • Issue #1227: Fix fadvise bug PR #496
  • Improve webui frontend login dialog PR #505
  • Fixed the use of a specified since time for the run command PR #503
  • Fixed that the status scheduler command shows jobs for disabled clients PR #499
  • Allow Python FD Plugins to set since time PR #504
  • Fixed a bug when backup a VM by using VM id PR #415
  • Fixed that droplet is waiting forever if flushing a file fails: PR #468
  • Issue #1220: default drive index not set to 0: PR #472
  • Fixed a segmentation fault caused by deprecated OpenSSL functions PR #453
  • Issue #1211: Bareos director and bareos fd crash when regexwhere is specified PR #451
  • Always Incremental: Address early prune problem when vol retentions are too small PR #423
  • Issue #1206: Form field restore job is not populated after client selection PR #438
  • Issue #1192: Authorization key rejected by Storage daemon since upgrading director and storage daemons PR #431
  • Allow path lengths of a messages resource to be longer that 128 bytes PR #433
  • Issue #1190: Schedules without a client will not be run
  • Fixed a bug where hourly schedules fail on the general rule without a day PR #422
  • Issue #1175: bareos crashes with invalid character in ACL PR #410
  • Issue #1184: Using syslog or an invalid message type crashes a daemon PR #414
  • Issue #1176: Upgrade 18.2.5 to 19.2.5 failed while upgrading MySQL database PR #409
  • Issue #1174: Reversed sort order on the restore client selection PR #411
  • Fixed errors in client only build PR #413
  • Fixed checksum algorithm regarding byte order PR #412
  • Avoid a race condition in job name creation PR #385
  • Issue #1281: Director crashes on memory access violation in CloseMemoryPool() and is_regex()


  • Add console command setdevice PR #686
  • Add support for Fedora 33 PR #643
  • Add development tools for changelog-handling PR #617
  • Added documentation and background information for the new python 3 plugin support PR #599
  • Added the libcloud filedaemon plugin to backup S3 buckets
  • Allow terabytes, tebibytes, petabytes, pebibytes, exabytes and exbibytes unit symbols when specifying sizes PR #600
  • Add technology preview for a REST API to configure and manage Bareos PR #587
  • Add some configuration warnings to the storagedaemon PR #583
  • Add python3 support for filedaemon, storagedaemon and director plugins PR #572
  • Use configurable OpenSSL “Protocol” parameter PR #575
  • Extend bconsole show command to support JSON output format (API 2) PR #574
  • Allow multiline quoted strings in the configuration PR #578
  • Print toolchain details during cmake run PR #567
  • Build libdroplet as submodule and use systemtest test PR #560
  • Run systemtests during build, build packages from source root directory PR #559
  • Add pkglists to documentation for all OS we build for PR #557
  • Merge VMware plugin code into core subdirectories, add system test PR #544
  • The VMware plugin now allows to use an optional config file to specify plugin options PR #544
  • Removed the dependency to pyvmomi from rpm and deb packages PR #667
  • Add next pool selection to custom job run form in the webui PR #518
  • In job reports display who triggered a job (scheduler, user, ..) PR #532
  • Added VirtualFull option for manual defined Jobs PR #508
  • Add support for Arch and Manjaro Linux PR #513
  • Document Verify VolumeToCatalog limitation PR #507
  • Document drawbacks for job intermixing PR #506
  • Add postgres-backup filedaemon plugin with incremental backups and point in time restore PR #502
  • Write job- and file-choice to audit log on restore PR #493
  • Add infrastructure for configuration warnings PR #492
  • Add logging parameters to gfapi backend PR #455
  • Add a security policy ( to the project PR #463
  • Pre-fill restore form element “replace” according to selected restore job in the webui: PR #456
  • Add documentation for a critical bscan limitation: PR #460
  • Pre-fill restore location form element according to selected restore job in webui PR #454
  • Add more logging messages to NDMP interface PR #448
  • Add start and finish time in the webui-joblist PR #429
  • Add a database upgrade test PR #406
  • Add recommendation for PHP 7 to documentation PR #420
  • Add encryption signature test PR #404
  • Add percona extra backup PR #386
  • Add test for client initiated backup PR #383


  • Release-notes / changelog have been moved to PR #613
  • Bareos now requires at least CMake 3.12 to build
  • Updated many localization files PR #609
  • Display archived jobs on list backups command PR #581
  • Use a configurable VDI timeout when requesting the MSSQL config PR #571
  • Improved the formatting of job log entries in the webui PR #525
  • Cleanup unused images PR #538
  • Use precise file names for public and private key files to make documentation clear PR #537
  • Significantly speed-up bareos-dbcopy PR #524
  • Publish PythonBareos to using Github Actions PR #514
  • Updated documentation for tests PR #497
  • Display numeric values of UID and GID in addition to user and group name in webui PR #488
  • Display file permissions in restore dialog of webui PR #477
  • Improve warnings on Maximum Block Size of the droplet backend: PR #476
  • Improve the selection of a specific file version restore in the webui: PR #471
  • Only allow configuration maximum concurrent jobs of 0 or 1 when using droplet: PR #465
  • Improve filtering on webui-jobs-bootstrap-table PR #444
  • Allow systemtests to run on installed packaged PR #400
  • Allow systemtests to be run in parallel PR #392
  • Disable systemtests on non compatible systems PR #387
  • Update ovirt plugin documentation PR #384
  • Improve ovirt plugin


  • Using MySQL as a catalog backend is now deprecated PR #564
  • Using Rados as a storage backend is now deprecated PR #672
  • With full Python 3 support, using Python 2 is now considered deprecated
  • Plugin bareos-fd-ldap is deprecated, because it requires Python 2


  • Remove support for creating MySQL / SQLite catalogs PR #563