Warning: This document is for the development version of Bareos Documentation. The main version is bareos-21.

Release Notes


While all the source code is published on GitHub, the releases of packages on http://download.bareos.org is limited to the initial versions of a major release. Later maintenance releases are only published on https://download.bareos.com.

This information is also available as CHANGELOG.md in the corresponding branch of the Bareos GitHub project

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and since Bareos version 20 this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


Breaking Changes

  • when using PAM Bareos will now check authorization, too. If authorization is not configured, login will fail. See updated documentation on how to proceed PR #1115.


  • dird: add command line feature to print specific resources PR #1153

  • Python plugins: add default module_path to search path PR #1038

  • dird: extend the list command to be able to query volumes and pools by ID PR #1041

  • docs: Add chapter for mariabackup db plugin PR #1016

  • ndmp: introduce workaround for isilon ‘Invalid nlist.tape_offset -1’ error PR #1043

  • packaging: installation and upgrade will check for the presence of .enable-cap_sys_rawio in your bareos config dir and will configure the required cap_sys_rawio capabilities PR #1057

  • systemtests: wait for mariadb shutdown PR #1048

  • tests: simplify test coverage analysis PR #1010

  • webui: analytics module: show stored data per jobname in treemap PR #1082

  • webui: add pool column to volume lists PR #1120

  • dird: console: add jobtype parameter to (l)list jobs PR #1149

  • contrib: add support for building and packaging PR #768:

    • bareos-contrib-director-python-plugins

    • bareos-contrib-filedaemon-python-plugins

    • bareos-contrib-tools

  • systemtest py3plug-fd-contrib-mysql_dump PR #768

  • systemtest py*plug-fd-contrib-bareos_tasks_mysql PR #768

  • webui: introduce rerun of multiple jobs at once PR #1109

  • dird: console: add the ability to rerun multiple commas separated jobids PR #1170


  • debian: fix package dependencies for webui and Ceph PR #1183

  • Python plugins: fix handling of additional pluginoptions parameter PR #1177

  • NDMP_BAREOS: support autoxflate plugin PR #1013

  • debian: Let dbconfig create the Bareos catalog also with LC_COLLATE=’C’ and LC_CTYPE=’C’. The create_bareos_database script did always do so. Requires dbconfig >= 2.0.21 PR #1031

  • fix wrong packages_dir in restapi workflow, so restapi packages will be released to PyPI PR #1033

  • core cats: Add IF EXISTS in drop table statements fix for bug #1409 (Allow usage of ExitOnFatal) PR #1035

  • sql_get.cc: fix error logging in GetJobRecord() for jobname PR #1042

  • webui: fix empty job timeline issue if date.timezone is not set in php.ini PR #1051

  • Fix for wrong update message when updating all volumes from all pools with no existing volumes PR #1015

  • Fix context confusion in Director’s Python plugins PR #1047

  • Fix several cases of undefined behaviour, memory corruption and memory leaks PR #1060

  • webui: fix undefined array key warning PR #1098

  • webui: fix deprecated notice required param follows optional param PR #1097

  • webui: fix uncaught TypeError if node.data is null PR #1087

  • core cats: Add DROP VIEWS instruction in drop_bareos_table script PR #1092

  • Don’t keep volume open after acquiring a read-storage failed in migrate/copy/virtual full PR #1106

  • webui: show DIR message if ACL prevents a job rerun PR #1110

  • webui: fix restore file tree rendering PR #1127

  • dir: fix crash when there are no jobs to consolidate PR #1131

  • webui: get volume and pool params from query instead of route PR #1139

  • packaging: FreeBSD add missing ddl/update 2171_2192 and 2192_2210 files PR #1147

  • Fix director connects to client while Connection From Director To Client is disabled. PR #1099

  • cats: make .bvfs_update and .bvfs_versions take archive jobs into consideration PR #1152

  • Fix always-incremental-consolidate systemtest sporadic fails, and rename it. PR #1154

  • packaging: FreeBSD place all scripts into “normal” location /usr/local/lib/bareos/scripts PR #1163

  • [BUG #1445] adding quotes to director name when using configure export. PR #1171

  • FreeBSD packages: add missing ddl/update 2171_2192 and 2192_2210 files PR #1147

  • Fix director connects to client while Connection From Director To Client is disabled. PR #1099

  • dir: miscalculation when using always incremental keep number PR #1159


  • contrib: rename Python modules to satisfy PEP8 PR #768

  • contrib: adapt to Python interface of Bareos >= 20 PR #768

  • Qmsg: in case of syslog logging use adapted log priority instead of always LOG_ERR PR #1134

  • webui: remove an unnecessary .bvfs_get_jobids and buildSubtree() call PR #1050

  • git: set merge strategy for CHANGELOG.md to union PR #1062

  • webui: add timeline chart by jobs PR #1059

  • stored: enable labeling of tapes in drives even if autoselect=no PR #1021

  • dir, stored: start statistics threads only if needed PR #1040

  • gitignore: cleanup .gitignore files PR #1067

  • webui: update jstree from v3.3.8 to v3.3.12 PR #1088

  • webui: update jstree-grid plugin PR #1089

  • Consolidation now purges candidate jobs with no files instead of ignoring them PR #1056

  • Virtual Full will now terminate if one if the input jobs had its files pruned PR #1070

  • webui: new login screen background and adapted logo to support Ukraine PR #1122

  • console: multicolumn output: fill columns first PR #1072

  • cats: include only jobtypes in list jobtotals that write data to volumes PR #1135

  • jstreegrid: remove handling of IE < 8 using navigator interface to avoid warnings in chrome PR #1140

  • bvfs_update now uses unordered_map instead of htable for the pathid cache PR #1138

  • cats: filtered zero file jobs list is now sorted PR #1172

  • dird: console: changed list jobs jobstatus argument to accept comma separated value PR #1169




  • webui: update jquery from v3.2.0 to v3.6.0 PR #1083

  • dird: check authorization on PAM login PR #1115 CVE-2022-24755

  • dird: fix memory leak on failed PAM login PR #1115 CVE-2022-24756

  • webui: update moment.js to version 2.29.2 PR #1155 CVE-2022-24785

    • webui is NOT affected

    • webui does NOT use the npm server

    • webui does NOT use a user-provided locale string to directly switch moment locale


  • cleanup update section PR #1054

  • clarifies MySQL catalog migration process PR #1054

  • split Howtos.rst file into one file per section PR #1054

  • split the very long Plugins.rst file into one file per Bareos plugin PR #1046

  • rework SD plugin scsicrypto linux sg_io ioctl subsection for cap_sys_rawio PR #1057

  • improve action Python plugin documentation, by removing File in Fileset example PR #1079

  • improve Mysql - PostgreSQL howto PR #1093 fixing [BUG #1429]

  • clarifies Sphinx bareos-extension parallel_read_safe status to False PR #1037

  • fix incorrect link in contrib PythonFdPlugin BUG #1450