Bareos uses TLS to ensure data encryption for all TCP connections between Bareos components. Implemented and working is only OpenSSL.

Starting from Bareos 18.2 every BareosSocket TCP connection has its own SSL_CTX and SSL object. In other words, every time when establishing a new connection a new SSL_CTX object is initialized to create a new SSL object.

For a first overview the following diagram shows the connection sequence of a Bareos Console to a Bareos Director.

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actor user
participant "B-Console" as console
participant "Director" as director

user -> console: start bconsole
console <-> director: initiate TCP connection
console <-> director: initiate a secure TLS connection (cert/psk)
console <-> director: secondary CRAM/MD5 authentication

... do something with console ...

user -> console: quit session ('q'; Ctrl + D)
console <-> director: Shutdown TLS
console <-> director: Finish TCP connection

Initiation of a TLS connection

TLS Handshake before Bareos 18.2

actor "Console\nWebUI" as W
participant "director\ndaemon" as D

W <-> D: Open TCP connection

W -> D: "Hello [*UserAgent*|name] calling"
note right of D: *UserAgent*: root console\nname: named console
autonumber 1 "[cram 0:]"
W <- D: "auth cram-md5[c] <password-md5> ssl=<0,1,2>"
note right of D: 0:=cleartext\n1:=TLS-Cert possible\n2:=TLS-Cert required
W -> D: "<password-md5>"
W <- D: "1000 OK auth"

W -> D: "auth cram-md5[c] <password-md5> ssl=<0,1,2>"
W <- D: "<password-md5>"
W -> D: "1000 OK auth"

autonumber stop

W <-> D: [ssl=1,2: TLS Cert Handshake]
W <- D: 1000 OK: <director-name> Version: <version> (<date>)

... run some console commands ...

W <-> D: [ssl=1,2: Close TLS connection]
W <-> D: Close TCP connection

Initiation of a TLS connection prior to Bareos 18.2

TLS Configuration Implementation

TLS configuration directives will be transfered from the configuration into dedicated classes as follows.

package "Bareos Config as defined in lib/parse_conf.h" #EEEEEE {
class TLS_COMMON_CONFIG << (B, #FF7700) >> {
  + CFG_TYPE_BOOL TlsAuthenticate <tls_cert.authenticate>
  + CFG_TYPE_BOOL TlsEnable <tls_cert.enable>
  + CFG_TYPE_BOOL TlsRequire <tls_cert.require>
  + CFG_TYPE_STR TlsCipherList <tls_cert.cipherlist>
  + CFG_TYPE_STDSTRDIR TlsDhFile <tls_cert.dhfile>

class TLS_CERT_CONFIG << (B, #FF7700) >> {
  + CFG_TYPE_BOOL VerifyPeer <tls_cert.VerifyPeer>
  + CFG_TYPE_STDSTRDIR TlsCaCertificateFilec <tls_cert.CaCertfile>
  + CFG_TYPE_STDSTRDIR TlsCaCertificateDir <tls_cert.CaCertfile>
  + CFG_TYPE_STDSTRDIR TlsCertificateRevocationList <tls_cert.crlfile>
  + CFG_TYPE_STDSTRDIR TlsCertificate <tls_cert.certfile>
  + CFG_TYPE_STDSTRDIR TlsKey <tls_cert.keyfile>
  + CFG_TYPE_ALIST_STR TlsAllowedCn <tls_cert.AllowedCns>

TlsResource *- TlsConfigCert: > initializes

class TlsResource {
  + s_password password_
  + TlsConfigCert tls_cert_
  + std::string *cipherlist_
  + bool authenticate_
  + bool tls_enable_;
  + bool tls_require_;

class TlsConfigCert {
   + bool verify_peer_
   + std::string *ca_certfile_
   + std::string *ca_certdir_
   + std::string *crlfile_
   + std::string *certfile_
   + std::string *keyfile_
   + std::string *dhfile_
   + alist *allowed_certificate_common_names_;

   + std::string *pem_message_;

TLS_COMMON_CONFIG --> TlsResource : initializes\n during config load
TLS_CERT_CONFIG --> TlsResource : initializes\n during config load

Bareos TLS config internal class relations

TLS API Implementation

The following diagramm shows the interface of the TlsOpenSsl class and its aggregation in the BareosSocket class. During initialization and handshake of a TLS connection tls_conn_init will be used and tls_conn is invalid. As soon as the TLS connection is established the pointer from tls_conn_init will be moved to tls_conn and tls_conn_init will become invalid.

class BareosSocket {
  + std::shared_ptr<Tls> tls_conn
  + std::unique_ptr<Tls> tls_conn_init (see text)

abstract class Tls {
  + new_tls_context()
  + FreeTlsContext()
  + TlsPostconnectVerifyHost()
  + TlsPostconnectVerifyCn()
  + TlsBsockAccept()
  + TlsBsockWriten()
  + TlsBsockReadn()
  + TlsBsockConnect()
  + TlsBsockShutdown()
  + FreeTlsConnection()

class "TlsOpenSsl" as OpenSsl {
  - const char *default_ciphers
  - SSL_CTX *openssl_
  - SSL *openssl_
  - CRYPTO_PEM_PASSWD_CB *pem_callback
  - const void *pem_userdata
  + new_tls_psk_client_context()
  + new_tls_psk_server_context()
  + TlsCipherGetName()
  + TlsLogConninfo()
  + TlsPolicyHandshake()

OpenSsl --|> Tls

BareosSocket o- Tls : initialize >

TLS OpenSSL Class overview (simplified)