Warning: This document is for the development version of Bareos Documentation.

System Requirements

  • The minimum versions for each of the databases supported by Bareos are:

    • PostgreSQL 8.4 (since Bareos 13.2.3)

    • MySQL 4.1 - 5.6 or compatible fork (e.g. MariaDB), see MySQL/MariaDB Support

    • SQLite 3

  • Windows release is cross-compiled on Linux

  • Bareos requires a good implementation of pthreads to work. This is not the case on some of the BSD systems.

  • The source code has been written with portability in mind and is mostly POSIX compatible. Thus porting to any POSIX compatible operating system should be relatively easy.

  • Jansson library:

Bareos Version >= 15.2.0 offers a JSON API mode, see Bareos Developer Guide (api-mode-2-json). On some platform, the Jansson library is directory available. On others it can easly be added. For some older platforms, we compile Bareos without JSON API mode.