Warning: This document is for the development version of Bareos Documentation. The main version is bareos-21.

Catalog Tables

Bareos stores its information in a database, named Catalog. It is configured by Catalog Resource.



The status of a Bareos job is stored as abbreviation in the Catalog database table Job. It is also displayed by some bconsole commands, eg. list jobs.

This table lists the abbreviations together with its description and weight. The weight is used, when multiple states are applicable for a job. In this case, only the status with the highest weight/priority is applied.

Abbr. Description Weight
C Created, not yet running 15
R Running 15
B Blocked 15
T Completed successfully 10
E Terminated with errors 25
e Non-fatal error 20
f Fatal error 100
D Verify found differences 15
A Canceled by user 90
I Incomplete job 15
L Committing data 15
W Terminated with warnings 20
l Doing data despooling 15
q Queued waiting for device 15
F Waiting for Client 15
S Waiting for Storage daemon 15
m Waiting for new media 15
M Waiting for media mount 15
s Waiting for storage resource 15
j Waiting for job resource 15
c Waiting for client resource 15
d Waiting on maximum jobs 15
t Waiting on start time 15
p Waiting on higher priority jobs 15
i Doing batch insert file records 15
a SD despooling attributes 15