Hints for Building Bareos

Configure (cmake) build settings


To build bareos, at least cmake version 3.12 is required.

Bareos cmake configuration allows a lot of different defines to be set. For the test-environment, we use the minimal defines required to run the tests.

When interested in the cmake defines for the Bareos production packages, please refer to the corresponding build descriptions:

Using ccache (compiler cache)

Bareos can be built using ccache and using it will improve build times for repeated builds a lot. Running cmake will autodetect and use ccache if it is available. To get the most out of ccache, you should configure it to work correctly with Bareos.


Set this to a common directory where your checked out sources and cmake binary-dir live. Your homedirectoy is probably a good starting point. This setting lets ccache ignore the path to files below this base_dir. This makes sure you will get a cache hit even if the path to the source files changes.


By disabling this, the current working directory will be ignored. In case of cmake the working directory does not matter, so ignoring this should be safe and will improve cache hits

sloppiness = file_macro

This makes sure the value that __FILE__ expands to is ignored when caching. You may end up with binaries that contain other paths in __FILE__, but Bareos only uses this to determine a relative path so this should not hurt. If you’re using a modern compiler that supports -ffile-prefix-map this should not be required anymore.

Example ccache.conf
base_dir = /path/to/common/topdir
hash_dir = false
sloppiness = file_macro